Bird Surveys

In January 2009, the the Local Common Bird Survey became a system which you could upload and fill in on line.

The survey has run every year since then.

Whether you live, work or are just visiting the Teme Valley your records are very important.

To receive your link page to the current years survey form, email Geoff Wookey, the Bird Survey co-ordinator at:

He will then send you your own private link and joining instructions.

Your bird record data makes a difference.

To see how your data is being used to plot distribution and frequency, and to see how¬†common our local birds really are throughout the Teme Valley, together with information on the average number of birds seen at any one time……click the links below for the latest up to date on-line data.

Over time, your data will give us information on how different species are doing throughout the year, and in time, how each species does year on year.

2021 bird survey data – click here

2020 bird survey data – click here

2019 bird survey data – click here

2018 bird survey data – click here

2017 bird survey data Рclick here

2016 bird survey data – click here