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April 2021 talk

Looking out for whales and dolphins ORCA is one of Europe's leading whale and dolphin conservation charities.  We are very pleased to have Anna Bunney from ORCA give this month talk. Anna is ORCA's Education Coordinator, overseeing the entire education and outreach programme at ORCA. In this talk, we will learn about the wide variety ...

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March 2021 talk

Bees – What’s all the fuss about? If we believe the press and the media, honey bees and bumble bees are in trouble and populations are declining significantly, and this has serious implications for us.  Is this true or is it just scaremongering by poorly informed or biased commentators?  What is the truth? Roger Umpelby ...

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February 2021 talk

Originally scheduled for September 2020, this months presentation will be given by Mike Smart from Call of the Curlew . Mike has been a passionate birder since boyhood, concentrating over the last 35+ years on wetland wildfowl with a special interest in Curlews. His passion for ornithology resulted in him being presented with the BTO’s ...

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